Rafiq A. Tschannen

Chief of Mission Mr. Rafiq A. Tschannen

Foreword by the Chief of Mission

The highlight of this reporting period was no doubt my visit to Baghdad to make contacts with the new government. We were able to pass on our congratulations to H.E. Dr. Abdul Samid Rahman Sultan Minister of Displacement and Migration as well as to H.E. Jewad Bolani Minister of Interior and discuss our Capacity Building Projects. Observing the situation firsthand has been an eye opening experience. IOM local staff and consultants received us with open arms making the visit in total a success and an experience we plan to repeat in the future.

Close to our heart is still the fate of the Internally Displaced Persons in Iraq, for whom we are providing emergency relief. We are trying hard to interest the international donor community to fund longer-term solutions such as income generation, vocational training, and rehabilitation of logistic services. Such projects will enable us to provide not only emergency relief but also more durable solutions to ultimately promote community stabilization and spare Displaced Persons long term problems appearing in the horizon.

We are pleased that on a small scale the medical evacuation programme is re-activated again. We continue to try and provide the service of selecting patients inside Iraq and transporting them out of the country where several NGOs are sharing the costs of the medical treatment. By "sharing the burden" we are still able to assist a small number of patients. Our fund raising efforts continue to enable to expand this programme again.

Rafiq A. Tschannen
Chief of Mission IOM Iraq


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ROC. IOM has recently assisted 161 Iraqis to return to their families in Iraq for special or family reasons, from 8 different countries.
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