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report 2006

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been assessing internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq since 2003. In 2006, IOM focused on the alarming increase in displacement due to heightened tensions after the bombing of a shrine in Samarra on 22 February. This event brought to light the need not only for comprehensive, thorough monitoring of the recently-displaced populations, but also a necessity to highlight increasing needs for assistance and donor funding.

IOM IRAQ Missions

The IOM-Iraq Mission was set up in January 2003 in response to the overwhelming humanitarian need following the collapse of the former regime. It was clear from the start that it had a challenging time ahead of it. Working in a wide range of areas, across almost every governorate in Iraq, IOM quickly made an impact, despite continuous security constraints. In August 2003, following the bombing of the UN Headquarters, IOM’s programme coordination was transferred to Jordan, with national staff members, the help of Qatar officials and NGO partners remaining inside Iraq. As of December 2005 international staff have returned to Iraq to further strengthen IOM’s capacity on the ground.